Do you have a large office and are you looking for comprehensive interior design services?

Do you have a large office and are you looking for comprehensive interior design services?

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Biurko Fighter single desk

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Biurko Fighter single desk

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2749,00 zł

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2749,00 zł

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2234,96 zł


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Product description

Fighter Single Desk
UNIQUE meble

Discover the 'Fighter single desk', an ergonomic desk that transforms any working environment. It has been designed to offer the highest quality, comfort and functionality, combining modern technology with elegant design. Ideal for those who value both productivity and style.


Biurko fighter desk

1)Advanced technology and usability

2)Frame-ergonomics and customisation

3)Robust and stable construction

4)Durability of materials and elegant design

5)Practical solutions and reliability

Ergonomic desk

Advanced technology and usability

"The Fighter single desk revolutionises comfort and functionality with its advanced technology. Equipped with a control panel with LED display, it allows you to store up to four different height settings. This not only enhances productivity, but also allows the desk to be adapted to individual needs in an instant, which is crucial for user comfort. A soft start/stop function guarantees smooth adjustment, which is especially important when drinks are on the desk - this avoids accidental flooding of expensive equipment, which is invaluable in any professional working environment. The anti-collision system further enhances safety by automatically stopping the desk if an obstacle is detected. Together, these features create an ideal working environment that not only increases productivity, but also ensures comfort and safety, reducing stress and increasing focus on the task at hand.


Frame-ergonomics and customisation

"The Fighter single desk is synonymous with ergonomics and adaptation to individual user needs. Its height-adjustable frame from 610 to 1260 mm allows the desk to be perfectly adapted not only to different body postures, but also allows the user to change his or her working position from sitting to standing and vice versa. This functionality is crucial for the health and comfort of the user, reducing typical discomforts associated with prolonged sitting, such as back or neck pain. Meanwhile, the frame width range of 1,000 to 1,800 mm allows the desk to be easily adapted to a variety of office spaces, which is invaluable in dynamic working environments. Two 32 mm/second motors ensure that the height of the desk can be changed quickly and smoothly, allowing the user to change position momentarily without interrupting work. This functionality not only enhances user comfort, but also promotes better organisation of working time and supports a healthy lifestyle by allowing an easy transition between sitting and standing work, which has a positive impact on health and well-being during long working hours.


Desk frame
Robust ergonomic desk

Robust and stable construction

The design of the 'Fighter single desk' reflects a commitment to quality and safety. The frame made of powder-coated metal in white not only adds elegance, but also guarantees the durability and stability of the desk. This is crucial for long-lasting and trouble-free use, giving you the assurance that the desk will last for many years regardless of the intensity of use. An additional advantage is the 3-column frame, which provides increased stability, which is especially important for higher loads - ideal for dynamic working environments where the desk must be able to withstand a variety of tasks. Equipped with levelling feet, the frame allows the desk to easily adapt to uneven surfaces, ensuring stability and safety in use. This makes the Fighter single desk a reliable work companion that provides not only comfort but also peace of mind, knowing that the workspace is stable and thoughtfully designed.


Durability of materials and elegant design

The 'Fighter single desk' worktop, made from 25 mm thick MFC melamine double-sided board, ensures not only strength and durability, but also ease of cleaning. Available in elegant white RAL 9010 or subtle beige NC S 2005-Y50R, it blends in perfectly with a variety of interiors while retaining its aesthetics for a long time. Being FSC certified guarantees that the tabletop has been made from sustainably sourced materials, which is important for environmentally conscious users. The ABS edging, which is solid in colour with the surface of the top, further protects against damage, ensuring the long-lasting quality and aesthetic appearance of the desk. The maximum tabletop load of 120 kg allows the desk to safely accommodate heavy items such as printers or computers, which is key to the functionality of the desk in any

profesjonalnym środowisku pracy. Dzięki tym cechom "Fighter single desk" to biurko, które łączy w sobie wytrzymałość, estetykę i odpowiedzialność środowiskową.


Work desk
desk with cable duct

Practical solutions and reliability

"The Fighter single desk is distinguished by practical solutions that make everyday use significantly easier. It comes with a 1330 mm long vertical cable channel, which allows for elegant and efficient cable management. Thanks to this solution, the desk ensures not only tidiness but also the aesthetic appearance of the workspace, which is invaluable in modern, minimalist offices. In addition, the desk's 110-240 V and 50-60 Hz power supply ensures compatibility with a variety of electrical systems, allowing it to be used in a variety of office environments around the world. A two-year warranty provides peace of mind and reassurance that your investment in the 'Fighter single desk' is safe and protected from potential technical problems. These additional features make the 'Fighter single desk' not just a desk, but a complete solution that meets the needs of modern workplaces, providing functionality, aesthetics and reliability.

Experience how the 'Fighter single desk' can revolutionise your workspace. Designed with the most demanding users in mind, this desk combines superior comfort, cutting-edge technology and elegant design. Invest in your health, productivity and comfort today. Contact us to find out more, or visit our shop to experience the uniqueness of the 'Fighter single desk' for yourself. Discover how it can transform your working day - the 'Fighter single desk' is waiting to become your indispensable office partner!

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